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JIVIA, a way to Natural Healthy Life!

JIVIA provides innovative Natural Healthy Food and beverage products, and  the associated technology solutions that bring healthy, balanced food, and the nourishment to brain and mind for a healthy,energetic and enriched life.

JIVIA is a natural, gourmet food mix, a rare mix made of natural multi-grains which gives energy and healthy food qualities. One of the main components is Finger Millets. The mix is widely consumed by kids, diabetic, old age people for nutrition and good metabolism. The food is available in various forms  of food mix, cookies, doughnuts, fruit smoothies and others.

Energy rich, no GMO. What could be more natural & healthy?

JIVIA is a natural gourmet food mix, a rare mix made of a natural multi-grains blend which give energy and healthy food qualities. Our food is widely consumer by kids and old age people for maintaining their nutrition and energy, especially diabetic, obese and weight watchers. JIVIA mix can be consumed in a variety of forms such as Doughnuts, Food mix, Cookies, Fruit Smoothie and others. 

We welcome you to enjoy the natural foods and benefit the healthy life!

 Finger Millet, an ancient grain is rich in calcium, iron and fiber. Finger Millet is comparable to Quinoa however economical. Millet is also gluten-free.