American Yes Experts Intelligence Management


Following are some of our portfolio ventures:

SSAYE Club: A disruptive smart living marketplace and ecosystem
SSAYE enable consumers for making smarter decisions in asset management, energy and buy/sell related products for smarter living and community engagement, with social impact of raising the living progress.

Smart safety device
A wearable device that provides personal safety and engagement, with multi-purpose functionalities.

MYSUR Energy: Sustainable energy solutions
MYSUR energy has been providing solar power solutions and energy storage. 

ASRI: A joint-venture initiative for leasing electric vehicles and transport management.

SAMAYE: A smart township development enabling automation and sustainable environment.

JIVIA: A natural, gourmet food mix, a rare mix made of natural multi-grains which gives energy and healthy food qualities. One of the main components is Finger Millets. The mix is widely consumed by kids, diabetic, old age people for nutrition and good metabolism. The food is available in various forms  of food mix, cookies, doughnuts, fruit smoothies and others.
Finger Millet, an ancient grain that is rich in calcium, iron and fiber is one of the main ingredients.